Duplicate Music Matcher is a application to quickly find duplicate MP3, OGG, and FLAC files based on letter matching.

DMM is released under the GPL v2 by Todd Korody and comes in two different flavors. Both are coded with Python using the same underlying class but one is pure console based while the other uses GTK. This results in the requirements being different for each.

The GUI requires

  • pygtk - Tested with 2.8.0

  • python >=2.4 or 2.3 with subprocess.
  • While both versions require:

  • python-numeric

  • mutagen

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    This program was mainly created to help only the creator but it has since been somewhat unspecialized. If you would like a specific feature request or you simply find a bug feel free to email me at tkorody .youcanfigureitout. Or you could even file a bug on Sourceforge's Bugzilla.

  • 4/04/07 - Releaed version 2.3 after yet another long delay. Changed the underlying tag library to mutagen. Also Cleaned up the GUI code and eliminated a bug that would not have rated ogg/flac files quite right. For the full set of changes see the ChangeLog file.
  • 3/14/06 - Released version 2.2 after a huge delay. Also put up this webpage. Stolen template from SMRT. This is developed by a friend of mine so check it out. Heres a quick summary "The main feature of smrt is the ability to identify tracks by making educated guesses, based on filename and tag data, against a gigantic database of all known CDs derived from the FreeDB project."
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